Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cosmo Beauty Tricks...

So I'm sitting in my bedroom reading my cosmo magazine and of course I'm checking out the latest makeup tips and beauty secrets... and I ran across a "SHAMELESS" beauty trick that I had never heard of before.  It was stated by makeup artist, Napoleon Perdis, that if you take Clear Mascara + Loose Shadow = Colored Mascara.

Here's what to do:
Get a tube of clear mascara, if you don't already own one, and take the wand and dip it into any shade of loose eye shadow you want, then swipe your lashes to tint them and you instantly have colored mascara!  Rinse the brush and use it to make a new mascara hue anytime you want.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flirt with your Eyes....

Boost up your eyes with flirty, feathered lashes and tell the boys to come here with your eyes and not your lips. Lol  To achieve this look you can go 1 of 2 ways...

Natural Lash
1. If you already have a nice set of long lashes then all you need to do is curl the outer half of your lashes with a plastic lash curler.
2. Coat the lid of your eyes with a base or primer to get that extra dramatic look
3. Apply Mascara....(go heavy on the outer half) for best results use Maybelline New York Falsies Flared and Neutrogena Healthy Lengths pulling outward on the lash and not upward.
False Lash
1. If you lack naturally long lashes, then no worries, all you have to do is grab a pack of false lashes (Ardell #99 or  #117) take the lashes and measure them on your eyes before you apply glue.  Then using a pair of cuticle scissors cut outer half of the lashes and use that part on your own outer lashes, applying with glue.
2. Coat the lid of your eyes with a base or primer to get that extra dramatic look
3. Apply Mascara...Don't forget to blend your lashes with the false lashes

And if you want to take this look a step further....add liner to the top, bottom, or both rims of the eye!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Head over hills in love with Leopard prints and any other animal print.....This is such a HWAT couture make-up runway look :)