Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 5 Make-Up Tips for Prom:

Okay lovely ladies I know it's getting close to that time...PROM SEASON...YAY!!!! So, I'm going to give you a few make-up tips to help you be prom beauties and not prom zombies.

Tip #1. Lips or Eyes...NOT BOTH
When choosing your make-up look it is important to pick either your eyes or your lips.  The biggest mistake most people make is picking both the eyes and lips to highlight.  If you go with a dramatic eye, you need a soft lip.  If you choose to go with a bold lip color,  then you need a soft eye. You don't ever want the eye and lip competing for attention. 

How to reject one over the other?  It's simple.  Think about what people compliment you most on.  Is it your eyes or your lips?  Do you have beautiful full lips or big beautiful eyes?  If you choose to go with your lips you want to go bold and bright.  Reds & Hot Pinks are fabulous lip choices.  For the eye you'll want to stay neutral.

 Now, if you choose to go with your eyes then a smokey eye would be a perfect dramatic look.  The great thing about about a smokey eye is it can be done in an array of colors....Charcoal, blue, green, and purple are wonderful colors.  Just don't be afraid to be dramatic.  Go all out with shadow, mascara, or even some false lashes (the ones that don't look caterpillars on your eyes) .  For the lips again you'll want to stay neutral.  A simple gloss will do the trick, but if you just have to have color choose a nude or very soft pink. 

Tip #2. Avoiding the cake face.
 You want to choose your foundation so that it matches your skin tone perfectly. You don't want your foundation to be to light or to dark (It will definitely show in your pictures), and always blend along the jawline as well. Avoid using liquid or cream foundations.  Mineral or pressed powders are a better choice and will give you full coverage without making your skin feel heavy.

  If you have acne skin and need to use you a liquid or cream foundation for the extra coverage, only use it in areas that are needed such as: blemishes, discoloration, or scarring.  Always pat on in circular motions using a sponge, then go back over the area using a setting powder.  REMEMBER: You don't want to rub to hard on the skin with the sponge because the only thing you'll do is put the foundation on and take it right back off. 

Not sure of how to apply your make-up or just don't want the hassle? Then go into your local Sephora, Ulta, MAC,or  Macy's. Go anywhere that does professional make-up.  You don't want to chance going into a drugstore buying make-up and unsure of how to apply or not sure of your correct foundation color. By going somewhere that does professional make-up they can educate you on how to properly choose and apply your makeup. 

Tip #3. Camera Ready
Always check your make-up before taking pictures. Touch-up any areas that may need to be refreshed. Foundation, Eyes, and Lips.  (Blot away any excess oil and add color to any faded areas.)

 Tip #4. Purse Must Haves
You always want to keep you some kind of blotting paper to help keep that unwanted shine away.  Make sure you have your lip color/lip gloss in your purse for touch-ups as well as a compact mirror. 

Tip #5. Smile, Smile, and Party
Once your at the prom just remember to kick back have a good time and look fabulous while doing it! :)

Also, be sure to drop back by and let me know if my tips helped.