Friday, October 12, 2012

Learn when it's time to let your makeup go!

  • Foundation      

6-12 months for powder
6 months for liquid and cream foundatioin
You can extend your foundation's life by using a cotton swab, sponge, or brush to apply it.  If you use your fingers to apply your makeup, wash your hands with an antibacterial cleanser before hand.  Stick foundations can be kept a bit longer than the others because they usually contain wax.  Shave off the top layer every so often to avoid contamination.  However, if you notice a change in color, smell or consistency, you should TOSS IT IMMEDIATELY!
  • Powder

8 months for compact
8-12 monts for loose powder
Using applicators like brushes and powser puffs pose the greatest risk of contamination because they can harbor oily buildup from your skin and airborne bacteria if left uncovered.  Toss spponges after each use, and replace poweder puffs every 2-3wks. Wash makeup brushes wkly with a brush cleaner or baby shampoo and warm water.  Don't forget to let them dry overnight...damp brushes will cause makeup to streak and can lead to bacteria.
  • Concealer

4-8 months
Concealer is in a lipstick form, clean it occasionally by shaving off the top layer.  Cover-up used in the eye area should be discarded after six months and if your trying to mask breakouts, your at a higher risk of contaminating the product even faster.
  •  Eye Shadow

3-6 months for liquid
6-12 months for powder and cream
Eye shadow needs to be tossed if it gets wet, unless it is formulated for wet applications. Moisture can lead to ruining the product and contamination.  Creams will sweat or soften with esxessive expsosure to heat, so store in a cool/dry place.
  • Mascara

Using mascara introduces it to air when you "pump" the wand into the tube  and it dries out the product, which results in a stellar application.  If you have to pump to hard or add water to get some product's time to let it go...and if you contract pink eye while using masacra throw it away immediately!
  •  Lipstick

Now, unlike other makeup products...lipstick is one that last a pretty long keep clean just shave a little bit off the top or dip into alcohol weekly.  For lip colors in pots/tubes just swipe the tops across tissue to keep clean.  If you contract or come in contact with a fever blister or cold sore while using that lipstick, throw it away!

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