Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beauty Tip:
Ladies be careful when applying or having individual lashes applied. Stay away from that individual lash glue that may or may not come with them. That glue is very harsh to the eyes and almost like "cement" in my opinion. I've seen on more than one occasion the damage it can do. Just last week I had a client come to me. She had told me she went to this nail shop and let the lady there do her lashes, she told me, " Tiffany, it burned when she put them on and afterwards she told me to keep my eyes open for a while so they don't close shut!" we tried everything. Soaking her lashes in baby oil, water, trying to rub them in a circular motion and nothing worked at the time. Finally after a few days of soaking them and soaking them in lash glue remover they came off, but she lost a lot of her real lashes as well. So ladies be careful! Muah

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