Monday, November 5, 2012

Color Correcting Makeup

If you're looking to boost your radiance, hide unwanted blemishes, or get rid of redness then I have the tips for you.  

Remember when you were a kid and you first learned about colors?  You were so excited to learn that primary colors: red, yellow, and blue when mixed together made orange, green, and purple.  Well, you can still make magic and have a similar effect when dealing with makeup.  So if you want to get hide imperfections or simply enhance them, then try some of the techniques below.

Red/Green- If you suffer with rosacea or redness, then using a green color contouring concealer or base will help to offset the red.  Nothing is more worse then having a huge red pimple or a face full of red acne.

Yellow/Purple-  Got dark circles under your eyes or suffer from hyperpigmentation? Then using a  yellow color contouring concealer or base will help to offset the purple. Walking around like you've slept in eyeliner is not a good look.

Coral- Now coral will do nothing for dark spots, redness, rosacea, or any other serious skin problem.  What coral is good for is giving your skin a boost of radiance, adding warmth to a matte finish, and waking up tired looking skin.  So for my ladies who have had a long fun weekend of partying and you now have the Monday blues, blend in a bit of coral into your make up application.

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