Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Groovy Baby!!!

Although, the 70s clothing was a little wild and crazy they kept their makeup pretty and natural.  Bye Bye to thick matte foundation and dark lip liner on the lips.  These groovy chicks kept it as natural as possible, however, there was always room for a splash of color on the eyes to brighten up the face.  Playfully pretty, but not over done! 

From soul sisters to disco diva's the 70s women rocked it, and when it came to playing up the eyes to draw in attention they used colorful shades like blues and greens, but golds, browns, and pinks to keep neutral.

Eyeliner was a must have in every woman's makeup bag.  Liner gave the eyes a mysterious look and was used to draw on sexy cat-like eyes on the top lid. 


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